Welcome to AusMob!

Launching in 2017, AusMob is a new network for researchers working on projects relating to mobilities in Australia.

Mobilities research is a multi-disciplinary field of study. It is an innovative way of exploring some of the most pressing social, cultural, environmental and political transformations of our time by investigating the complex relationships between different sorts of mobilities.

Mobilities researchers investigate the interrelated movements and stoppages of many different entities including people, capital, knowledges, and policies. They explore not only the changing meanings of those mobilities and immobilities, but also their political and ethical implications.

Mobilities research being undertaken in Australia across the social sciences and humanities has grown significantly in recent years. The aim of the AusMob network is to facilitate this growth further to enhance Australia’s research capacity in this field. It will do this by raising the recognition and impact of mobilities research in Australia; facilitating collaboration between researchers; fostering relationships with government and industry; and supporting postgraduate and early career researchers.

During 2017, we are planning a series of launch events, culminating in a symposium later in the year. Stay tuned for further details!

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The AusMob committee